Entries by Angela Hall

Fall favorites: Referral Management Halloween contests

Referral Management held Halloween Desk Decorating and Pet Costume contests this year. Aside from our team being rich of smart, knowledgeable, hard-working folks, we’re also creative and fun. Happy Halloween to our Referral teams and all of the SWHR family! [ I have some wonderful PDF files of pictures I can share, but can’t attach […]

Summer Photos: Dallas Fan Expo

Every year, our family doesn’t look forward to a vacation, we look forward to going to the Dallas Fan Expo. Last year it was cancelled due to COVID and this year we were worried it would be cancelled again due to the delta variant. Happily we were able to attend on 9/18, which also happened […]

Summer photos: Niagara Falls

Our summer vacation was in the western New York area due to a family wedding. We made a pit stop to see Niagara Falls, which neither my husband nor I had been to in 20+ years. It was the highlight of the trip to see, hear and FEEL those amazing waterfalls! What an amazing geographical […]

Summer photos: Wedding anniversary in Alaska

We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary (which also served as our “finally honeymoon”) by taking a trip of a lifetime to Alaska! We hiked through rainforests, rode a boat through the famous Kenai Fjords and Cove of Spires, and flew around Mount Denali before landing on the Ruth glacier so we could play in 2 […]

Vaccine stories: Melissa Potter

Because of my two doses of the Moderna vaccine and the fact that everyone over 17 in my family has been vaccinated, I was able to spend time with my them this weekend in Oklahoma. We were able to give hugs which we haven’t been able to do for so long. I’m so grateful for […]