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Linda Amie listens, guides patients

When speaking with patients, Linda Amie doesn’t mind if it takes 30 minutes or 2 hours — as long as they know she’s listening. “I want them to know that as an individual, they matter, and I’m not going to dismiss you or rush you,” Linda said. “If you’re having a crisis, then you’re the […]

A year in the life of working from home

From acquiring house plants to sharing workspaces with spouses, SWHR employees found ways to make one year working remotely more comfortable. Five colleagues share what’s worked and what’s been a challenge. Rebecca Gleason, Human Resources Rebecca had a baby, went on maternity leave and returned to work — all during the pandemic. She’s appreciated cutting […]

Celebrating the Journey of Women in Healthcare

Four SWHR leaders will share their experiences on March 31 as women working in healthcare. Register for this engaging panel discussion to hear their inspiring stories and learn how to continue advocating for gender equity and inclusion in the workplace. Submit anonymous questions for the panel in advance. The event is brought to you by […]

Connection Hub update, new websites coming in 2021

Did you miss Andy on the huddle last week? Want to see a recording of it? Are you looking for an important policy? Need the SWHR PowerPoint template? Do you know about the upcoming Diversity and Inclusion events? You can find all of this information and much more on the Southwestern Health Resources intranet, also […]

A love for the All Employee Huddles

Olivia is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She joined my home this year right before the pandemic and is one year old. She loves the SWHR Huddles! When the meeting starts, she jumps up to listen intently to the latest executive updates. It’s as if Andy is speaking directly to her, in her mind anyway, […]

SWHR helps field COVID-19 vaccine calls from UTSW patients

SWHR is playing a major role in UT Southwestern’s effort to provide tens of thousands of COVID-19 vaccinations to UTSW patients and the broader DFW community. SWHR referral team members have been handling more than 1,000 calls a day — more than 20,000 calls in January — to support UT Southwestern’s COVID-19 vaccination process. That […]

A great example of a multi-disciplinary and multi-team approach

Capturing the Voice of the Patient or Member provides such valuable insights into the multiple services provided by our teams — the latest of which can be seen in the partnership between Payor Relations, Care Management, Performance Improvement and Patient Experience & Clinical Safety (PE&CS). Two months ago, Scott Martin’s patience was tested when the […]