Finance and Accounting

Please review the following information so that you are aware of the following business operations and know the important actions to take.

For direct deposit of expenses from Concur, employees need to complete a direct deposit form. It only needs to be completed once per employee.



Non-Exempt Employees
What is the process if I am a non-exempt employee?

Instructions for non-exempt employees can be found here on the Connection Hub.

Please note that SWHR requires time to be recorded daily, time error changes to be submitted immediately and time to be reviewed weekly.

How do I make changes to my time?

Any time changes must be made on the manual time card by the employee on a daily basis. This time card should then be signed off by the manager and sent to the SWHR timekeeper at

How do I submit PTO?

All PTO and other reasons for any missing work hours (e.g., Jury Duty, Bereavement, etc.) must be made on the manual time card by the employee as soon as possible. This time card should then be signed off by the manager and sent to the SWHR timekeeper at

What happens if I am short on my hours for the week?

In your employee profile, it is defined how many hours you are to work per week. If you are short those work hours, PTO (if available) will be used to bring your hours up to the required amount of work hours on a weekly basis. For example, if you are defined as working 40 hours / week but you only work 36, the remaining 4 hours will be submitted as PTO by the timekeeper.

Exempt Employees

What is the process if I am an exempt employee?

Instructions for exempt employees can be found here on the Connection Hub. The only time you enter into PeopleSoft is time taken off.

Please review your time card on a weekly basis if any changes are made.


How do I approve time?

Instructions for managers can be found here on the Connection Hub.

What do I need to do if my non-exempt employee did not take a lunch break?

Non-exempt employees are asked to check a box every day to verify they did or did not take a lunch break. If the non-exempt employee worked over 6 hours that day and did not take a lunch break, you will be asked to approve the 30 minute time to be paid for that day.

Reminder, a 30-minute lunch break will be automatically deducted.

Where can I find the payroll schedule?

The payroll schedule can be found here on the SWHR Connection Hub.

When do I have to approve my employee’s time?

Time should be approved every end of day Friday.  This way correction will be reported on a timely basis.

Time for the payroll ending period must be approved the Friday night before payroll week as the final approval before payroll. Timekeeping should have corrections completed by this point but if they are not, wait until Monday morning before 9AM for final approval.

If you have an employee that is scheduled to work a Saturday before the pay week, this time should be approved Monday morning before 9AM. This system does a hard cut-off so payroll is a time sensitive procedure.

Corrections not posted before cut off will be processed the following pay period.


Employees should submit expense reports through SAP Concur, an easy, and convenient online expense management system. The website to access Concur is 

The first time to log in to Concur, you will need to obtain authorization from the SWHR Service Desk at 817.687.4000 or email

Training can be completed by online video. The SWHR Service Desk can provide instructions on where this video can be obtained. This will be available to you in September.

Concur expense reports are limited to one per employee per month. The cost for this system is per expense report cost. We currently have 120 reports. This will be increased, for additional reports, when needed.

Expense Policies will be distributed after governance approval.

Approval of Concur reports will be one up approval. This is an automatic send when you submit your report.

SWHR has two dedicated resources responsible for ordering through our purchasing system. To create a purchase order for any product, and send through the approval process, admins should send a purchase request to either:

There are standardized vendors for supplies and catering/meals. To order business cards/stationery and office supplies, click the links below:

New vendors must be approved before placing an order. Send vendor form to

Vendors used previously by SWHR have been transferred from Sage to Intacct. (This is the vendors paid by SWHR). There is no need to request set up for these vendors.

New vendors must be sent to Accounts Payable for approval before expenses are incurred:

There are some supply vendors in the system that have contracted prices that we will use. Amazon purchases are not approved.

Approval process of invoices:

  • Email
  • Purchase order

Approval limits: 

  • Signing authority will be distributed when approved by governance

Payment Dates:

  • 10th and 25th of every month
  • Friday as needed
  • Physician payments per scheduled date

All invoices will be sent to Accounting first:

In the event there is no formal invoice for an expense that needs to be paid, please use the check request below.

SWHR Check Request Form