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Total Rewards Statement

Do you know the full value of your pay and benefits? Your personalized Total Rewards Statement give you the full picture of your total rewards.

The personalized Total Rewards Statement employees receive details the full value of compensation, benefits, retirement, and other rewards that Southwestern Health Resources provides for employees. It is one way of showing you how much we appreciate your contribution to the mission, vision, and values of SWHR.

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Benefits Update

View your 401(k) Retirement plan by visiting You can find out more information on the 401(k) plan, including the match schedule, here.

As a reminder, if you ever have questions about your benefits, you may contact Benefits Support by phone at 1-877-698-4754 prompt 9 or by email at

COVID-19 and your Southwestern Health Resources Benefits. Click here to review changes due to Recent COVID-19 Laws.

Southwestern Health Resources is a large, complex organization, but we are also a family of people who care about each other. We express care and compassion in our work, and we expect the same care and compassion when we interact with each other. The Employee Grievance Program is our organization’s recognition that even people who care about each other sometimes disagree.

Look inside any healthy long-term relationship – perhaps a married couple or two close friends you know – and you’ll find two people who have learned to resolve their conflicts in a way that works to preserve their relationship. It’s not that they don’t have conflicts. Every human relationship has conflicts. It’s that they care enough about each other and about their relationship to find ways to resolve their differences with compassion, fairness and dignity.

We want to ensure that our employees have the opportunity to resolve differences with the same compassion, fairness and dignity as successful individual relationships. Hence, our Employee Grievance Program is designed to meet that need.

The program enables you to address workplace concerns by enlisting the help of other individuals within our company to hear your concerns with objectivity and independence. After carefully listening to all perspectives and independently gathering additional information, the people assigned to address your issue identify the best way to resolve the situation. When the Employee Grievance Program is used, regardless of the outcome, your concern is addressed with compassion, fairness and dignity.

Taking the First Step

Whenever possible, you should try to resolve a workplace conflict yourself. Although a discussion can be uncomfortable when you disagree with someone at work, by addressing the topic yourself, you have the opportunity to show a willingness and desire to find a solution that is acceptable to both of you.

Specially trained Promise Coaches are available to support you in managing workplace conflicts by:

Providing guidance in how best to address your concern with the other person Participating in your discussion with the other person and helping to facilitate constructive dialogue Teaching you communication skills that may help you avoid similar conflicts in the future.

To find a Promise Coach, click here. You may also ask your Human Resources office for a current list.

Using the Grievance Program

While it’s ideal to resolve your workplace concern directly with the other person, sometimes you need more help-either because you and the other person can’t agree on a resolution or because the nature of your concern makes it too uncomfortable (or even inappropriate) to address your concern directly with the other person. In these situations, the Employee Grievance Program can help.

Here’s how it works:

Level 1 As soon as possible, complete the Employee Grievance Program Level 1 form and submit it to Human Resources. This will indicate that you want to begin the formal process using the Employee Grievance Program. (The form is also available from Human Resources.) Human Resources will begin a formal investigation within five days. They will gather information and work with you and the other person to try to find a resolution. The time required to complete their investigation and make a recommendation will depend on the nature of the concern; however, your concern is important, and they are working for a swift resolution.

Level 2 If you are not satisfied with the outcome of Level 1, within 14 days of the conclusion of the Human Resources investigation, you can submit the Employee Grievance Program Level 2 form to Human Resources (either here or using the form available from Human Resources) requesting a Panel or Senior Leadership Review. The panel or senior leader involved will make a recommendation within 14 days.

  • If a panel is asked to hear a grievance, the panel is comprised of five management and staff employees who have been trained to serve in this role. Panel members are outside the employee’s department and/or chain of command. The role of the Panel is to hear the employee’s workplace concerns and recommend a resolution. The appropriate Senior Leader of the functional area or designee, and Texas Health’s Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer or designee, will review the documentation and the recommendation of the Review Panel and may accept the recommendation or may make an alternative final decision.
  • The Senior Leader will review all documentation relevant to the grievance or dispute and will hear from all parties involved. The decision of the Senior Leadership Review is final.


Employment verification services are provided through The Work Number. You may access The Work Number via the web or telephone:


Employees of Southwestern Health Resources are paid the following seven holidays annually:

  1. New Year’s Day
  2. Martin Luther King Day
  3. Memorial Day
  4. July 4th
  5. Labor Day
  6. Thanksgiving Day
  7. Christmas Day

These holidays are paid if you would normally be scheduled to work the day of the week on which the designated holiday falls. You do not receive holiday pay while on paid or unpaid leave of absence.

Click here for more information regarding PTO and paid holidays.


Our Performance Management Program features regular CheckIns between employees and managers. A structured, one-on-one conversation facilitated by an online tool, a CheckIn includes:

  • Discussing any relevant topics
  • Selecting an emotion descriptor (emoji) to represent how you feel at the moment
  • Discussing current tasks
  • Responding to leader rounding questions
  • Receiving recognition for excellent work
  • Discussing anything related to performance that is going well or needs to be improved

Prior to a CheckIn, you can go into the CheckIn tool on the FEEDBACK hub on and list any topics you want to discuss. Be sure to select “Save and Share Topics” after entering topics for discussion. You can also prepare some thoughts before hand including what you believe you are doing well; what you believe you could do better; and how your leader could help you do your best work.

The new performance management program supports our Culture of Excellence with a focus on top performance and accountability. With a little practice, you will become comfortable navigating the CheckIn tool and will be able to take advantage of its benefits. Below is a list of resources for learning about CheckIns.


Southwestern Health Resources has become one of the nation’s leading clinically integrated networks thanks to the hard work and dedication of our employees.  We want to continue to be an employer of choice and take pride in offering our employees competitive compensation, excellent benefits, award winning wellness programs, and a flexible work environment.

Even so, whether it may be to retire, relocate outside of the North Texas area, or for other personal reasons, we recognize that members of our Southwestern Health Resources family may leave.

When an employee leaves our organization, certain procedures and policies must be followed.  For example, staff level employees are required to provide at least two weeks’ notice, while supervisors and above are required to provide four weeks’ notice.

Employees leaving our organization will begin their resignation process via  This easy and convenient tool will guide employees through the steps required to submit their resignation.  The system will automatically provide employees with important information such as outstanding payroll balances, impact to benefits (including retiree benefits eligibility), a brief confidential exit survey, and company property acknowledgement.  In summary, employees will have all the information needed to understand how a resignation will affect their benefits and their paycheck.   Managers will immediately receive an email notification of the resignation and will be guided to approve the resignation on

If you are thinking about leaving Southwestern Health Resources, we invite you to consider other opportunities within the organization. Additionally, the Texas Health Resources University offers a variety of services and programs such as Career Development and Leadership classes that may be of interest to you. Please consider these options, prior to making this important decision. Don’t hesitate to discuss any other options and/or opportunities that may be available to you with your manager or Human Resources.

At Southwestern Health Resources, our employees are our greatest assets, and we want to keep you as one of valued family members!

To learn more about the resignation process select the link below:

Employee Discount Programs

SWHR employees get special access to great discounts on a variety of products and services, including auto/home insurance, car rentals, cyber security software, electronics and more.  You will need to register with your email address on your first visit to gain access.  Check it out here.

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