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As an organization dedicated to making health care better, we recognize we must also commit to a culture of integrity as we keep Southwestern Health Resources Clinically Integrated Network (SWHR CIN) operating at its best. One of the ways to do this is to set a framework that outlines our responsibilities for managing work, managing internal and external relationships, and meeting community expectations. 

Southwestern Health Resources Clinically Integrated Network must communicate these standards, policies, and procedures so that employees can fulfill these expectations both in their professional behavior and in the work that they do to make health care better. To meet this requirement, the Senior Executive Officer and the Chief Compliance Officer authorize the formation of this repository to assist with the communication and awareness of our organizational governance. The policies and procedures contained within the repository and the correlating Code of Conduct serve as the official organizational guidance for the Southwestern Health Resources Clinically Integrated Network. 

Corporate Compliance is reviewing all existing organizational and departmental policies and procedures. As these policies are reviewed and approved, they will be catalogued and disseminated to the organization at large. 

Department Policies and Procedures

In addition to the standards and requirements described in the Southwestern Health Network Resources Clinically Integrated Network Code of Conduct and the associated policies and procedures each department or business unit likely has its own operational policies and procedures. These documents must be appropriately maintained and work in concert with organizational policies and procedures and applicable federal and state laws and regulations. Department or unit-specific policies and procedures are designed to serve as a resource to enhance an employee’s ability to perform his or her associated duties in accordance with SWHR CIN policies and applicable federal and state laws, as well as other requirements. These departmental policies should never conflict with policies and procedures set forth in the SWHR CIN Policies and Procedures Guide. 

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Code of Conduct

To appropriately conduct business at SWHR CIN, we all need a through understanding of our Code of Conductour policies, and the rules and regulations that govern our work, actions, and decisions.   

NextGen Accountable Care Organization

Hospitals, clinics, and other facilities who are contracted with Southwestern Health Resources Clinically Integrated Network may also issue policies specific to their needs that are developed through other approved processes. These policies can supplement but must never conflict with SWHR CIN policies.  

Employees of SWHR CIN are subjected to and must also adhere to policies and procedures when providing services on behalf of SWHR CIN. 


The policies and procedures set forth in the Repository do not constitute a contract or agreement with Southwestern Health Resources Clinically Integrated Network or with our parent organizations. These policies and procedures are subject to change at any time.