Forever grateful

I was with Texas Health Dallas for 19 years in the home health department. I was promoted to Rehab Manager in 2007. While in that role I also took on the responsibility of Assistant Administrator and was responsible for the IT and billing functions for the department. I also worked closely with my director on financial and budgeting. She was a wonderful mentor and leader and coached me through some fairly egregious new leader mistakes. The last annual evaluation she performed for me was in 2011. She told me at that time that she planned to retire in about 5 years, and she wanted to groom me to take her position. But I didn’t have a master’s degree and that was required by THR for anyone in a director or higher position. So she challenged me to begin my degree program within the following year. She knew me well enough to know that if she mentioned that she would “ding” me on my next annual review if I had not started, that I would rise to the challenge. So since I was interested in continuing in leadership, I started in a master’s in healthcare administration within 2 months. Things changed quickly for our department and THR entered into a joint venture with a national home health company in June, 2012. Since I was a Physical Therapist, the new company didn’t have a leadership role for me. My position was eliminated after 19 years. I was devastated because I felt I had lost my family. But I continued in the master’s program until I graduated in 2013. As a result of my additional education, I was able to apply for leadership roles that I would have never thought possible. I am so grateful for the foresight of that wonderful leader to push me past my comfort zone. She saw more in me than I saw in myself, and I will be forever grateful!!

Michelle Mirkovic


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